Pink chick peeps

Pretty pink peeps


I spotted these seriously adorable pink cutout cookies at Sweet Lady Jane Bakery. The bright, neon shade of pink caught my eye. I went to investigate after I finished up herbed scrambled eggs at this charming bakery, located on Montoya Ave. in Santa Monica.

Although Sweet Lady Jane is famous for its decadent layered cakes, the bakery also offers brunch and a host of other goodies like scones, croissants, and French macarons. These pink chick sugar cookies inspired by Easter Peeps look almost too pretty to eat.

Pink Peep chick sugar cookies

Sugar cookies shaped like Peeps

I was inspired enough to go on a Peep investigation to see what other creations that Peeps have inspired!

Pink peeps easter cotton fabric via Etsy

Pink peeps fabric, via Etsy

pink peeps

Pink chick peeps individual

Pink chick peeps

The Jelly Belly factory is relatively close to my hometown in Northern California – it was a fun field-trip growing up. I would LOVE to visit the Peeps headquarters and take a tour.

I always love the time of year when Peeps (all species!), Cadbury creme eggs, and egg shaped Reese’s pop up in stores! What springtime candy do you love?

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